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Quickscope is a social networking platform where video game development and creation talents from all experience levels come to share their previous game development projects, create professional-looking industry-specific portfolios, connect & collaborate with others, get hired by studios, and grow your career in video game development! Whether you are a programmer, soundscape designer, game designer, artist, scriptwriter, game tester, level designer, or any other skill that makes games, Quickscope is for you! Our goal is to help each and every single one of our users; Make your passion, into your career!

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Share your video game development projects & skills with a global network of recruiters, publishers, game developers, artists & more!



By joining our platform, you will be joining an inclusive video game development community of various talents from all experience levels, where our users share, grow, collaborate & get hired.



Building a professional-looking industry-specific portfolio has never been easier! Showcase your previous projects, skills,achievements, and accomplishments all in one place, for FREE!



Develop a career-focused network by connecting with like-minded individuals in the game development industry.



Do you have an idea for a game but you need a team to help? Quickscope has you covered. Find a variety of video game development & creation talents worldwide to help you make your dream, a reality!


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Host & participate in various game jams from all experience levels! Meet new people, harness your skills, and level up your game development career today!

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The one stop shop for all game development talent.

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Meet like minded individual to work on projects and increase your skill set.

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